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Supporting you, to feel better.

The olive branch is widely known to represent peace. Similarly, however, less known, the elm tree represents inner strength. In reality, the elm tree is flexible and durable and has a grain that is interlocking; therefore, strong and durable.

History has demonstrated the Elm’s resilience, with one particular tree being called “the survivor tree” following its continued existence through bombings and fires. Despite this particular tree’s resilience and survival against the odds, it still needed protection from the surrounding community to prevent it from being cut-down.

The elm tree represents what we know of the human condition, and people’s ability to persist through challenges, loss, and trauma. Despite one’s own ability to persist or one’s resilience, sometimes we all need assistance to continue and to thrive again. Here at Elm Psychology Rooms we are passionate about helping individuals not only persist through their challenges; however, we strive to reinforce their ability to thrive.

Let us, at Elm Psychology Rooms, become a part of your community.

Mudgeeraba Psychologist Gold Coast

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